Reinstatement of the Bus service through Wentworth. Rotherham – Barnsley

Great news.

Just to let everyone know that after several conversations, emails and meetings with local residents, Cllr David Roach – RMBC, including our local MP Mr John Healey, and the Mayor of South Yorkshire – Mr Oliver Coppard, that we have now secured the reinstatement of the bus service through Wentworth.

Therefore, I trust you all will all be pleased to note that the Mayor has now confirmed there will be a new number 7 bus service running between Barnsley and Rotherham, which will provide an hourly day time service in Wentworth, Monday to Saturday.

The Mayor has also shared a copy of the proposed timetable for this service which I have also shared for your reference.

I am also advised this new service should come into operation from the 23rd July 2023.

The evening and Sunday service for Wentworth will still be provided by the 136 bus.

Stagecoach will operate the 136 until 2nd September 2023, in which the Mayor will be having ongoing discussions with council leaders on the next steps, concerning this and other services.

It has taken a lot of hard work and time spent to get to this stage, but now, with the bus service back up and running, it should benefit the whole of the community, including the local employer’s workforce.

The Parish Council, will be undertaking a letter drop to all, with the new timetable within the next couple of weeks.

The community must be aware that they MUST use the service otherwise, the service may be withdrawn again at a later date, if this happens, I personally think that we would not get the service back.

I would also like to thank all that have been involved into helping the Parish Council in securing the reinstatement of the so much needed bus service.

Below is the timetable of the new bus service which will commence and the end of July 2023. The service will run from Rotherham to Barnsley return.

I hope this is a welcome and positive update.


Councillor McNamara, Chair of Wentworth Parish Council, has also welcomed this news and said: 

“As Wentworth Parish Council, we wrote to the Mayoral Authority earlier this year to highlight the problem we currently have with the lack of daytime service in Wentworth and the difficulty residents who rely on the buses were having in getting out and about, including local business’s and their employees.

“It was great to have the support of and to work alongside our MP in raising this problem and we’re so pleased to get the restoration of a proper bus route running through the day in the village.”

Wentworth Bus June 2023.jpeg

Brendan J McNamara


Chair of Wentworth Parish Council

Since distributing, there are some of the specific timings during the day, but not all, are slightly different to the initial timetable Mayor Coppard had shared to me when he gave me his confirmation of this service.Therefore, i have uploaded the revised bus. timetable.

Revised Bus Timetable

Street Lights out

The Street lights are currently not working at the following locations:

  • Street Lane
  • Bottom of Main Street Wentworth
  • Barrowfields

The PC have contacted both RMBC and Northern Power regarding the issue, apparently Northern Power have damaged an underground cable while undertaking the recent outage. The responsibility is down to Northern Power.

RMBC have contacted the PC today 06/06/2023, on the update, the street lights will be repaired within the next two weeks.

Thank you


Latest Incidents

The Parish Council are aware of the number of incidents in the locality, therefore, we have asked South Yorkshire police to undertake additional patrols. Officers have been carrying out adhoc patrols within and around Harley and Wentworth.

The police will continue to carry out these patrols, and if any members of the public see anything they deem to be suspicious then please tell them to call 999 if its immediate assistance they need, 101 or report online through SYP portal if its information or advice

Dog Fouling

Dog fouling is becoming more and more of an issue within the Wentworth playing field boundary, including the cricket wicket and outfield.

There are signs displayed at each of the entrances to the playing field which states:                                                       STRICTLY NO DOGS.

Most recently, there have been issues with dog faeces being left on the playing field, including bags of faeces.

As a Parish Council, we must remind all dog owners that this is a community playing field in which young children play on and enjoy.

Therefore, would all responsible dog owners respect and refrain from taking dogs onto the playing field.

Wentworth Pavilion – Burst water Pipes

Over the 2022 Christmas Break & New Year, the pavilion at Wentworth has been seriously damaged due to burst water pipes in the loft. The pavilion now requires a full major refurbishment, which will include structural checks on the building and the surrounding concrete slab which is badly cracked.

The work involves the following:

  • Full strip out of water damage items
  • Removal of all waste
  • Electrical work
  • Plastering
  • Plumbing
  • New floor covering
  • New showers
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Insulation
  • Re Plastering
  • New Kitchen
  • Joinery work

The building will not be in use for the rest of this year due to the damage and work that is required.

Precepts 2023-24

It has been agreed by the Parish Council that the Precepts will remain the same as last year due to the financial restraints on family’s. These will be revised in the next financial year.

Air Quality in Wentworth Village 

The Parish Council have written to RMBC’s Environmental department in regards to the air quality on Wentworth village.

The response from RMBC is as follows:

Thank you for your email and your interest in air quality.

The Council has never monitored for air pollutants in Wentworth village, as it is likely to experience good air quality, in spite of the traffic generated by Wentworth Garden Centre and Wentworth Woodhouse.

The nearest sites for which we do have data are in Thorpe Hesley close to the M1, where levels of the main pollutant associated with road traffic, nitrogen dioxide meet the UK’s health based standards.

The Council does carry out air quality monitoring surveys in the borough. The technique used provides monthly mean values of nitrogen dioxide. To provide useful data which we can  compare with UK standards, we would ideally need one year’s data.

We propose to carry out a survey in Wentworth as you have requested.

Initially we would look for a suitable site for the sampling tube along Main Street in Wentworth. The tubs will then be attached to street furniture with a clip above head height to try to prevent any vandalism.

The survey will hopefully begin in the next couple of months and will run for at least one year.

I will be able to provide some useful indicative air quality data once we have been monitoring for a few months,.

Revised Bustime table 

The Parish Council have had notification from our local MP John Healey regarding the  bus service timetable changes in South Yorkshire, including for our number 7 bus.,

We are advised these are only minor timetable changes, and for our no.7 this means on Mondays to Fridays the bus from Rotherham at 15:55, 16:55 and 17:55 (on the current timetable) will run 5 minutes earlier. These slight changes will come into place from Sunday 29 October 2023.

The revised timetable for our no.7 from 30 October is already available online on the link below.

Revised Bus Timetable