Council Members

There are currently nine Parish Councillors representing the parish on a voluntary basis they are:-



Parish Councillors Email Addresses.

Cllr Brendan McNamara –

Cllr Cynthia Shaw –

Cllr Valerie Sykes –

Cllr Claire Hawley –

Cllr Dan Booth –

Cllr Stephen Peace –

Cllr Johnathon Knight –

Cllr Thomas Hill –

Cllr Paul Martin –

What do Councillors do?

Councillors are all required to attend the main Parish Council meetings and participate in committees that deal with specific areas of council business.  Councillors take collective decisions that form the policy of the council.

They understand local concerns, debate issues within council meetings and use their best judgement to make decisions.  They are generally unpaid but some councils approve the payment of expenses incurred whilst on official business.

The role of a Councillor is not just confined to meetings – many are active in other community areas and bring that expertise and knowledge to the council meeting to benefit all.  Councillors are known locally and are often asked for advice or help; it is their responsibility to seek an answer or solution through the council.

Councillors may also join lower-level committees which are part of the permanent governance of the council or working groups that are task focussed limited life bodies.  Working Groups may also have members of the public sitting on them. 



1. The Chairman is to have an overview role of all areas of responsibilities.
2. Councillors are to report on their areas of responsibility at the Parish Council Meeting.
3. Where a lead Councillor is not available at the parish council meeting then the deputy Councillor is to report to the meeting.
4. The Chairman and Vice-Chair are to carry out regular one to one meetings with lead Councillors and deputies. 


Wentworth Parish Council Elections – 2 May 2024

Wentworth Ward of Wentworth Parish Council – Statement of Persons Nominated

Harley Ward of Wentworth Parish Council – Statement of Persons Nominated

Elections take place every 5 years.

The Parish Council has 11 meetings per year, there is no meeting in August. Meetings take place in the Wentworth Mechanic’s Institute in Wentworth on the third Monday of each month generally at 6.30pm. Parishioners are entitled to raise matters of concern at the meetings but the Chairman has the discretion to decide when the matter is discussed.

An Annual General Meeting takes place in May when the positions of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and representation on the Sub-Committees are decided. The main sub-committees being finance and buildings.

In March the Parish Council facilitate an Annual Assembly of the parish which is open to members of the community and enables residents to raise local issues.

The Parish Council currently has leases from the Fitzwilliam (Wentworth) Estates (the landowner) on the Wentworth and Harley Recreation Grounds.  
The management of these sites has been transferred to the active village associations in Wentworth and Harley. In addition the Parish Council manages two properties in Barrowfield Gate which form part of the Willistons Gift one of the charities managed by the Parish Council. The Parish Council also manages a charity called the Constables Charity although little is known of the history of this body.

The Parish Council is allowed by statute to levy a small precept per year which is collected by the Borough Council along with the Council Tax. The Parish Council use this money to improve the amenities of the Parish.