You Said We Did

You said                                                         We Did
Dog Fowling – Wentworth & Harley   

Response: Erected Warning signs both at Harley and Wentworth Playingfields.

Loose rear board to the notice board in  Wentworth.

Response:     Joiner has repaired.



Loose Flagstones on the footpath to pavilion at Wentworth.       

Response: The flags have been re-laid and made safe.

Disabled parking bays- Wentworth Car Park require repainting  

Response: Reported to the Estates office.

Damaged Road Markings through Wentworth & Harley.

Response: RMBC have now renewed the red speed markings on the carriageways, and also added Slow signs. New road signs has been erected on Hoober Hall Lane.         




The gritting of Lee Brook Lane has been undertaken due to bad weather 

Response: RMBC gritted with 24 hours

Grit bin requested also for Lee Brook Lane.

Response: RMBC request has been submitted

Suspension of the 136 Bus service  

Response:  Chair of the Parish Council has written to SYPTE. A copy of the letter has also been sent to the following: Cllr Roche (RMBC), Oliver Coppard (Mayor of South Yorkshire) and John Heeley (MP) Awaiting a response from each of the above. We have received responses from John Heeley & Oliver Coppard.
The Pariah Council have received a response from both The mayoral office and John Heeley MP.  Minuted at  2023 February’s PC meeting.

Further correspondence has been received from John Heeley MP and Oliver Coppard Mayor of South Yorkshire. 

Response: Following several meetings and correspondence with SYPT, the Mayor and John Healey MP, we have now achieved in getting the bus services back through Wentworth. The bus service will commence on the 23rd July 2023.

Therefore, we MUST use it or LOOSE it.   

Street Lights not working on Main Street and Churchfield Lane. 

Response: Reported to RMBC Street pride and also Northern Power to investigate and repair..

April 2024
Harley pavilion damage to lock reported. Resolved

April 2024

Request by the Harley gardeners if the OC could grass strim the grass on Occupation Road Harley- strummed – Resolved